Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jeans Jacket by xPureChances | Review

Series: The Garments Series
Published: December 1st, 2014 by Wattpad
Pages: 35
Date Finished: August 11th, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Age Recommendation: -
I wasn't expecting much from Jeans Jacket by xPureChances. In fact, I was expecting quite the opposite of a good book; boring and bland at the most. But, boy was I surprised. Although there's a lot of insta-love, the intensity of that love and all the feels this book gives you is insane. I severely want my own Nate. Too bad fictional characters aren't real. *pouts* I did knock off half a star because the ending made me really sad and I didn't particularly like how the author lead you on but her writing style is flipping amazing and I wish we could be friends. :D
Jeans Jacket follows the amazing love story between Ellie Dawson and Nate Lewis. They meet one night under a lamp post and they despise each other in the beginning but over time they develop strong feelings for one another against Ellie's father's wishes. In his mind Ellie shouldn't be wasting her time and love on a poor boy with a deadbeat family which Nate later realizes. There's a ton of ups and downs in this short story and it will definitely leave you speechless.
I loved the romance in this book and Nate's cocky yet caring attitude made me swoon so hard. He is such a bad boy and I love it. I wish there were more books surrounding Nate and Ellie.
One thing I absolutely hated was the evil demeanour of Ellie's father and how he made it his mission to make sure he controlled every single person in his life, including Ellie, his wife and members of Nate's family. Ellie's father wouldn't let people be who they needed to be and he wouldn't let them live their own lives.
I will most definitely be continuing with the series and I think everyone should at least give it a try. It's a stunning series.

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